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NOTE: Discussing COVID-19
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2020-04-30 04:04:42
Hi Nick Good to hear that you're still surviving ok.  I don't know how you do manage in the USA without a car.  We spent 2 weeks in Orlando and tried to walk places but found it totally impossible - we were warned off by the police on one occasion for walking on a grass strip by the side of the road - told to go back to the hotel!  Fortunately, we had a hire car but it was very frustrating.

Similar thing happened to me in LA some years before - I was walking down the side of a road a few hundred metres away from the Holiday Inn at LAX when a cop car pulled in and they (two) asked me where I was going - very politely.  I said that I was just getting some exercise and they strongly advised me to go back to the hotel, as it was not a safe area!  Looked ok to me.  I enquired for walking at the hotel and they told me to take a taxi to Marina del Rey (your area Fred?).  It was ok but not exactly what I had in mind for a walk.

Anyway, interesting that Becki was thinking of taking the boat over - I had a similar idea (I've read too much about Irish emigration) but it's fiercely expensive.  Maybe after all this is over, as I might have a bit of money then, as I'm not spending much now.  But, then, I've got Franken and Eschawo to revisit, plus Prague (half-planned expedition with Fred) and I want to finish off my Andalucian jaunt.  They'd better get this business sorted out quick, I'm not getting any younger!

One small step: took my first walk outside for 6 weeks last night to my local shops; interesting experience, no one around and not many wearing masks (I was, as I think the benefits outweigh the losses, especially for meeting other people).  I was inspired by my 83-year old sister-in-law who goes walking every day!
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