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NOTE: Discussing COVID-19
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2020-05-02 00:18:52
Yes, WhatsApp all the time - didn't realise that it wasn't used much in the US 'til Mark told me. It's free (sort of) for phone calls so lots of people use it for inter-country calls. I quite liked the idea of the sea voyage but I didn't want the Cunard bells n whistles - I wouldn't eat much of the grub or use the other facilities. Just a cabin and snacks would do me but, even cargo vessels are pricey. Maybe one day. Thanks for the suggestions re campervan or motorhome (that's what we call them) but it's another expensive option and I'm getting a bit long in tooth for the vagabond life. I quite fancy doing Greyhound or one of the other long distance buses. Unlike you, apparently, I actually quite like buses and trains (not many of those in the USA). But it's all pie in the sky at the moment. My 'garden' is 15 feet square but it doesn't worry me that much - I'm not into sunbathing or sitting outside, unless in a Keller. I can go out for a walk, which I did weds night, as far as the shops. Not sure what you don't understand about isolating & social distancing, it's pretty straightforward. I'll walk anywhere new, as when on holiday, but I get bored just walking places that I know. And I don't think that the air is particularly better outside than in, special when you've got hayfever! Take care - oh and the weather been great here for a month, plenty of sun but it's turned a bit wetter in the few days - due to get better next week. But it's not FLA!
           OFF TOPIC: Discussing Hayfever & Sunshine by Nick B (formerly in Erlangen) on  2020-05-02 06:45:19
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