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NOTE: Discussing COVID-19
Posted by Nick B (formerly in Erlangen) on 2020-04-30 06:30:17
Hi Baz, nice to hear from you. I've not looked at Farcebook for a while now. I do use WhatsApp all the time with that something you use? It is a Facebook product, I think.

The boat trip B had booked (I think she had a window?) was about twice what she'd pay for a good flight with doggo, IIRC. Less than you might think, IOW. Plus, it's quite an experience, a week at sea with all the food and what-not. She is quite against putting Tabor in an airplane cargo hold...well, I've done that with Crystal twice now, which cured my fear of doing it.

You mean you'd not left your house in 6 weeks? You have a garden though, right? Fresh air and sunshine (well, what you get in Wales) are touted as a real help in the 1918 Spanish flu, and the advice to stay *indoors*...that I don't get. I spend as much time as I can outside, though I have sort of the opposite problem: too much sun means I can't use the computers outside after about 11 AM.

I had gotten started going to the gym when I got here, after not having been to one in a year, since I came down with viral pneumonia a year ago. A guy I'd met off Twitter (fitness oriented, not beer, he's never drunk a drop in his life, this 54YO guy--like me, an alcoholic dad) took me to his a few times, but we've parted ways. Just too many differences, and we all know I'm not the easiest to get along with.

When this is over, come on over and visit. The beer prices might shock you a bit though, aside from Coors and that ilk. An idea right now is to take advantage of a special deal: withdraw $100k from retirement savings without penalty and "invest" it in a decent Wohnmobil/RV/IForgetWhatBritonsCallThem and monster truck to tow behind it and live like a nomad that way. I'd have room for you. (Or put you in a tent outside.)

I don't want to keep renting, but am not ready to buy a property, as I don't know where I want to live. I don't think it will be Florida. I didn't know you'd been here. Yeah, walking is for "losers". Worse than taking the bus. 
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