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Posted by Jason on 2022-02-07 08:24:16
No problem. Firstly, I would recommned Doerfleins above all places for the beer. just be aware they shut normally on Thursdays now, but I would check on their website/FB as they may well be open as it's Easter. If so, there is a bus that stops right outside (on non holidays) or a regular train and short walk.

Secondlly, for food I would say Bischberg has the best food, though both breweries in Memmelsdorf also have good food (i have heard). Though the beer in both isn't much to write home about IMO. The others are your typical Franconian - if you like it it's good, if you're looking for something special it's Bischberg. 

Takeaways will be open and some bakeries will open but not all. 

         Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-07 09:35:42
           Easter by Jason on  2022-02-07 10:22:49
             Easter by gavinbrooksbank on  2022-02-07 11:06:14
               Easter by Jason on  2022-02-08 01:21:23
                 Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-08 02:11:05
                   Easter by Jason on  2022-02-08 04:00:17
         Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-08 04:17:05
                     Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-08 04:49:01
           Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-08 04:52:54
                       Easter by Rob Sterowski on  2022-02-08 07:07:41
                         Easter by Jason on  2022-02-08 09:56:42
                           Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-09 02:43:13
             Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-09 04:28:38
               Easter by Jason on  2022-02-09 05:30:00
             OT - Easter by AndyH on  2022-02-09 08:23:17
               Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-09 09:45:48
                 Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-09 09:46:39
               OT - Easter by Jason on  2022-02-09 12:21:35
                   Easter by Jason on  2022-02-09 12:32:23
                 OT - Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-10 01:15:32
                     Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-10 01:17:24
                 OT - Easter by AndyH on  2022-02-10 03:01:12
                       Easter by AndyH on  2022-02-10 03:08:28
                   OT - Easter by Jason on  2022-02-10 03:23:41
                 Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-10 08:57:12
                     Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-10 09:12:18
                   OT - Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-10 09:13:43
                     OT - Easter by Mark Andersen on  2022-02-10 09:15:28
                       Easter by gavinbrooksbank on  2022-02-10 13:42:16
                       Easter by Jason on  2022-02-11 02:52:53
                 Easter - Doerfleins Bus by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-02-12 10:53:29
                   Easter - Doerfleins Bus by gavinbrooksbank on  2022-02-13 10:36:11
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