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Posted by Jason on 2022-02-08 04:00:17
That's right, I'd remembered meeting you but had forgotten what I'd recommended so thought I'd go exhaustive! Plus things change, as you say, Torschuster is sadly closed. But things have popped up as well. Some dodgy new breweries but 1 good one in Sternla - though I would use the word 'good' more in the context of the new breweries rather than the established ones. 

I'm afraid I'm actually in Liverpool during that week, visiting my partners family. First time back for her since July 2019... I do have a hankering for some real ale though!
                     Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-08 04:49:01
                       Easter by Rob Sterowski on  2022-02-08 07:07:41
                         Easter by Jason on  2022-02-08 09:56:42
                           Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-09 02:43:13
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