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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2022-02-09 04:28:38
Yes, it's certainly not a problem walk for most people, being largely flat, apart from the bridge over the Main!  It's also quite a nice walk thro Hallstadt, which is a pleasant small town but, sadly, bereft of good drinking spots.  There used to be a big St Georgen Stub'n but long since closed - good, some people might say but, if the Goldene Loewen has gone, that seems to leave only a Faessla Stub'n and a couple of uninteresting bars.  Eichorn really has a captive market.  It's worth perusing the Loewen for a few minutes; it's a lovely old building and must have been great in its time.  I like Hoenig and there's a lovely way to go by bus and to walk back to Bamberg, taking in Lohndorf, Schammelsdorf and Memmelsdorf (with variations that might include Merkendorf and Drosendorf!).

If you're getting the bus to Doerfleins, be a bit careful - like a lot of local buses, there's a fair bit of variation on the route: the 904 has three different destinations - Doerfleins (hourly), Hallstadt Mitte (only a 10 minute walk from Eichorn) and Hallstadt Bahnhof (get off in the middle of Hallstadt - 15 minutes walk). Weekend services have some limitations also.  You can find the 904 timetable at [] - it's worth studying!  I would certainly choose the bus, apart from the early finishing time.  But the train service from Hallstadt is a little bit infrequent.
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