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Fred Waltman
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2023-06-01 09:51:16
Very sad and shocking news.  

I sometimes would joke that I stand on Fred's shoulders as I would have been very unlikely to learn about Franconia without this forum and also would have not made the many friends that I have here (in fact one such friend is visiting me in the US now).  He had broad shoulders indeed

Thank you for everything Fred. We'll have a beer in your honor today

     Fred Waltman by Andrew H on  2023-06-01 10:17:48
       Fred Waltman R.I.P. by Unble Jimbo on  2023-06-01 23:10:37
         Fred Waltman R.I.P. by AndyH on  2023-06-02 01:26:37
           Fred Waltman R.I.P. by JohnRatcliffe on  2023-06-02 01:38:13
             Fred Waltman R.I.P. by David Greenlee on  2023-06-02 03:50:43
               Fred Waltman R.I.P. by barry on  2023-06-10 15:29:11
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