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Fred Waltman
Posted by Andrew H on 2023-06-01 10:17:48
I also just heard the news, and am very shocked. I had no idea he was ill.
I only met him a few times, But he was hail fellow well met. And to echo Mark this forum has been the inspiration and information for many people and many trips.
He will be widely missed and mourned.
I will raise a toast to him in Bamberg in a couple of weeks time.
       Fred Waltman R.I.P. by Unble Jimbo on  2023-06-01 23:10:37
         Fred Waltman R.I.P. by AndyH on  2023-06-02 01:26:37
           Fred Waltman R.I.P. by JohnRatcliffe on  2023-06-02 01:38:13
             Fred Waltman R.I.P. by David Greenlee on  2023-06-02 03:50:43
               Fred Waltman R.I.P. by barry on  2023-06-10 15:29:11
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