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Fred Waltman R.I.P.
Posted by barry on 2023-06-10 15:29:11
A bit late to this thread, sympathies posted elsewhere.  It's hard to add anything new to all these testimonies, can only replicate.  So many memories - stand out is probably the first organised Forum meet up in Spezial (can't remember the year), followed by a memorable visit to the late lamented Canalissimo.  Later, I had a lovely few days with him in Prague, where I really appreciated his great knowledge and more important great friendship.
Like Jim, I attended quite a few of the Covid-Zoom sessions and met a lot of his family and friends. 
One final personal memory: when I was in the process of publishing my last book, I needed a website - Fred happily volunteered to design and publish one for me and wouldn't take a dime.  A true friend and gentleman.  RIP.
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