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Communal Brewing in Franken
Posted by Jason on 2023-06-12 22:05:24
One of the least known about or explored elements of Franconian brewing are the many communal breweries that exist very much under the radar. Many know about Zoigl country, a few more about Seßlach and Pegnitz. But there also exist much less commercial examples that still brew only for themselves/residents. Brünn, Dörflis, Junkersdorf, Rehau (publically available) and Umfinden to name a few. 

Whilst it's a real inside job to get to try these beers, many of them have festival weekends where they are permitted to sell the beer to the public. Of course, the next step is dividing out when. But slowly online information is getting more prevalent here and this summer I will manage a few fests, starting this weekend in Brünn (Ebern). Next weekend there is one in Umfinden (Haßfurt) and in a few weeks Junkersdorf and Dörflis. As you can see, they aren't exactly public transport friendly places. 

To me, this feels like the last unexplored bastion of Franconian brewing. I know Manuele from Rome is doing some research into it and a friend of mine here stumbled into a private communal brewing event a month ago where some 13 communally brewed beers from different villages were being served from barrels - somehow they allowed him to stay. 

I'm probably going in with much too much expectation and romanticism, but somehow, brewing because you like beer and want to drink it yourself has a lot more fundamental passion to it than brewing commercial beer for others (don't get me wrong, passion also very much exists in the latter as well, just not so completely I guess). 

Maybe passion is the wrong word, maybe it's just a need or even a hobby. Either way, as we see with home brewing often enough, passion can be a blessing or a curse - I'm sure there will be mixed results but it's very exciting all the same. 
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