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Communal Brewing in Franken
Posted by Barry on 2023-06-15 13:31:11
As a longtime lover of Zoigl, I can only agree, Andy.  But, it's the old thing - everyone has a friend and so on.
Fortunately, Zoiglland was relatively far from the territory of most beer enthusiasts (generally, a decent a, geneous and well-meaning group of people), and the odd structure of the schedule was also off-putting, unless you were willing and able to stay for long periods (I was lucky to be able to manage that).  I don't know any of the places that Jason has mentioned and certainly won't be attempting to visit for other reasons.  I reckon that the relative obscurity will put off all but the most enthusiastic and, if like Jason, they manage to find their way to the promised land, good luck and happy drinking to them - and Jason, of course.
       Communal Brewing in Franken  by Frank on  2023-06-17 11:50:15
         Communal Brewing in Franken  by B N on  2023-06-19 00:12:36
         Communal Brewing in Franken  by Jason on  2023-06-25 00:43:02
           Communal Brewing in Franken by B N on  2024-07-19 08:20:29
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