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Communal Brewing in Franken
Posted by Jason on 2023-06-25 00:43:02
I went to both the Mittalterfest in Ebern and the communal brewery festival in Brünn. I enjoyed both but I found the beer in Ebern was far better (not because Brünn wasn't good but that the other was outstanding). It was another communal brewery, brauhaus höchstädten, which is in a small village near Brünn. They had a weizen and a lightly smoked dark beer (both from barrels). Round the corner was an outlet selling Sonne (Mürsbach), also from the barrel. All in all a great day.

This weekend there was a fest in Unfinden. The following were/are on my list over the next weeks;

Brünn 17/18.6.
Ummerstadt 17/18.6.
Unfinden 24.6.
Junkersdorf a.d.W. 8/9.7.
Rügheim 15.7.
Dörflis 30.07
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