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Stärk antrinken
Posted by Nick B. on 2023-12-26 13:32:27
My recollection of it is learning of it in the newspaper after some (few?) years of living there. I may have then asked about it on here. At any rate, it never struck me as something that was celebrated much. 
     Stärk antrinken by Rob Sterowski on  2023-12-27 06:13:03
       Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2023-12-27 08:24:13
         Stärk antrinken by Rob Sterowski on  2023-12-27 16:29:02
           Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-01 05:57:45
             Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 07:17:07
               *personally DIDN by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 07:22:21
                 *...personally DIDN'T hear... by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 07:22:45
               Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 08:13:56
                 Stärk antrinken by Rob Sterowski on  2024-01-02 10:35:33
                   Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 13:10:36
                     Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-03 14:08:43
                       Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-03 18:08:51
                         Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-04 04:00:31
                           Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-04 09:15:42
                             Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-04 11:21:58
                               Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-04 13:46:16
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