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Stärk antrinken
Posted by Nick B. on 2024-01-02 07:17:07
    I don't think anyone has said that it's not celebrated. I personally hear of it much. 

Searching the internet for "staerk antrinken" does provide several explanations of it in German such as this:

New Year's Day was celebrated on 6 Jan until 1691. The tradition to drink a Seidla of Bock for each of the 12 months dates from pre-Christian times, when strength was needed to guard against the demons and spirits who were roaming about, causing trouble during the 12 nights "between the years" that then later became between Christmas and the Epiphany.
               *personally DIDN by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 07:22:21
                 *...personally DIDN'T hear... by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 07:22:45
               Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 08:13:56
                 Stärk antrinken by Rob Sterowski on  2024-01-02 10:35:33
                   Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-02 13:10:36
                     Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-03 14:08:43
                       Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-03 18:08:51
                         Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-04 04:00:31
                           Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-04 09:15:42
                             Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-04 11:21:58
                               Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-04 13:46:16
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