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Stärk antrinken
Posted by Nick B. on 2024-01-03 18:08:51
I've read both. Obviously a normal person might manage 6 litres of Vollbier in a day (I don't think I ever have though...10 pints of 4% ale does me in), and I have a hard time imagining anyone putting away 6 litres of Bock, but the article I posted above said Bock, as do others I've read. There are also references to Starkbier, presumably Festbier.

Whether or not anyone actually makes it to 12 Seidla of Vollbier, Starkbier, or Bockbier is probably not that important, I suppose.
                         Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-04 04:00:31
                           Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-04 09:15:42
                             Stärk antrinken by Jason Watts on  2024-01-04 11:21:58
                               Stärk antrinken by Nick B. on  2024-01-04 13:46:16
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