Schleizer Strasse 28
Hof 95028
Stopped brewing in 2011


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Comment from Anthony Gambone on 2003-09-25 07:43:05

 I attended the Slappen Tag fest in Hof this past June 2003. The beer of choice at the fest was Zelt Brau. They have a great selection of beers - I enjoyed the special dark beer they produce only for the Fest. I also enjoy the dobbleBock they have - it is a shame we can't get this in the United States. Some of the small breweries in Germany just don't make it to Pennsylvania.

Comment from DonS on 2010-04-09 08:42:26

 Unfortunately, "the traditon-rich beer city of Hof has one fewer brewery again," as reported on 5th March 2010 in the Frankenpost newspaper, reporting on Zeltbräu's declaration of bankruptcy. Hof is now down to just two breweries still in business.

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