Brauerei Haag


More information on Oberdachstetten can be found at (German) 

Hauptstrasse 18
Oberdachstetten 91617
Stopped brewing in 2011


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Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2006-12-04 03:37:10

 When Charly and me popped in, Helles and Dunkles was on tap. The dark beer was too sweet and malty even to our taste, but the pale Vollbier was extremely well made. Refreshing and without much hop pronouncation, but produced with home grown barley. Perfect after a bike ride. Unfortunately we went by car...

Comment from Fred Waltman on 2009-06-01 17:37:39

 Reports are they have stopped brewing.

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2012-08-23 01:40:28

 Brewery shut down. Beer contract brewed by Oechsner, Ochsenfurt now.

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