Brauerei Wiethaler


Welserplatz 6/7
Neunhof 91207

 09126 7651

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Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2008-07-09 00:37:25

 This charming brewery produces an interesting range of handcrafted beers, using locally grown hops. We sampled the Pils, the Zwickl and the dark beer. The latter was too malty and sweetish - could be better. The Pils was absolutely perfect - a powerful hop pronounced franconian style Pilsener, deserving much more attention. Colour: dark yellow. The amber coloured Zwickl beer is hop pronounced, too. It's a flavourful brew with a big diversity of aromata, makes you want to stay with a whole box of that beer for the rest of the evening. The biggest difference to other franconian breweries really seems to be the hops, produced in the Hersbruck/Schnaittach area. The taste differs totally to hops of Spalt or the Holledau and adds some flavours to the beer which are unique. You can also find these flavours in the Schaffer beers (especially the Festbier) of Schnaittach. Absolutely recommended! It seems rather strange to me, that this superb beer producing region was not yet discovered by beer devotees. Probably because they're too drunk to leave Bamberg... ;-) By the way: the food and the service are both excellent.

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