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Posted by John Dauenhauer on 2003-01-20 13:03:43
Sorry to say, I was not able to go to Brauerei Stirnweiss in Herreth or HofbrÀuhaus in Ansbach. However, I did go to Max and Brutting in 1991. Max beer was wonderful. In 1991, he was purchasing wort from 3 different breweries, blending the wort and fermenting with his own yeast strain. It was without a doubt, the STRONGEST bier I ever had in Germany. Max was old and in ill health back in 1991. When my friend Stew and I entered, Max greeted us with a krug and said he only had the bock on tap. He then proceeded to fill 2 steins and immediately stuck an electric bier warmer in each stein. The beer was fantastic. Rich, malty and alcoholic. Had one and had to wait 2 hours before I could drive. Don't have many notes on Brutting except to say the beer was good. We went there the day after Max. Does anyone know if Max is still alive?
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