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The Future of good German bier in the US
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2003-01-30 09:59:06
Most American small breweries (like most small businesses) are very undercapitalized and I think that is one reason there are so few lager breweries. You can turn out far more ale with the same brewery. But I do think the fad of ultra bitter beers will subside. Most homebrewers go thru the same phases -- they brew bigger and bigger and more over the top beers, but many of them come back to the more subtle styles. Our brewclub has seen a big increase of people brewing Milds, Ordinary Bitters, etc. and I think the commercial world will follow. I know I went thru the same phases where I wouldn't hardly drink lagers at all. And my wine friends tell me that the same thing is going on there. The more delicate whites are making a comeback. So there is hope! (More later, gotta run)
     The Future of good German bier in the US by Perkeo on  2003-01-30 19:56:25
       The Future of good German bier in the US by Fred Waltman on  2003-01-30 23:04:03