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The Future of good German bier in the US
Posted by Perkeo on 2003-01-30 19:56:25
Saxer was very well set up to be a quality German brewery and made very good lager but they went under. Widmer, Sierra Nevada and Pyramid (to name a few) are all set up with state of the art German brewing equipment yet they can't sell much lager when they try so they stick to ale, unfortunately...Widmer was considering doing their pilsener as the summer seasonal this year but they decided against it(and in even sadder news, alt has been replaced by IPA as the spring seasonal after only one year!), I hope Pyramid and Sierra are doing better with their summer lagers, and it's nice to see that New Belgium and Deschutes brew pilseners as well...but back to pessimism- Portland brewing did a very nice dunkelweissbock as their winter beer this year and they couldn't give it away, though I bought plenty! I hope you're right in the long run Fred, brewers need to design their breweries with enough tank space so that the extended ageing time for good lager is possible,THEN THEY NEED TO SELL IT! I hear at Widmer all the time that we just don't have the tank space to properly age lagers, we're too busy pushing out the Hefeweizen in something like 7-10 days!
       The Future of good German bier in the US by Fred Waltman on  2003-01-30 23:04:03