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Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2003-02-03 14:07:15
In Franconia, the common bottom fermenting beer, produced by the average smaal brewery in let's say an average village in Landkreis Bamberg, is generally called a landbier. It is not a pils, not a helles. In fact, it is a bit darker in color (even amber). Good examples are the beers from Barth-Senger or Drei Kronen in Schesslitz, or the regular beer from Lindenbräu in Gräfenberg. It is just the traditional beer, nothing to do with cuteness thought up of marketeers (those breweries don't have a marketing department, I can guarantee you that). The beer style is sometimes also referred to as lager (which is NOT the same as pils), or sometimes as export (although it never has been, nor will ever be exported).
     Landbier by Jan-Erik Svensson on  2003-03-28 07:06:07