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Brau vs. Bräu
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2003-02-05 17:19:00
First off, I'm a not a fluent German speaker so I may be way off base here. Hopefully one of the more fluent (or native!) speakers will hit me upside the head if I'm wrong. Almost everytime I've seen "brau" as stand alone word it has been misspelled by umlaut challenged English speakers. Brauer, Brauerei, Brauhaus, brauen, are fine. Brau by itself... probably an error. That being said, there are some instanaces where "brau" is used -- "Brau Bevale" is an annual brewery (and beverage industry) show in Nürnberg; "Brau und Brunnen" is a German brewery group; "Brau Union" is an Austrian brewery group.
     Brau vs. Bräu by Dr. Friedrich Heberlein on  2003-07-26 15:27:28