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Brau vs. Bräu
Posted by Dr. Friedrich Heberlein on 2003-07-26 15:27:28
>Almost everytime I've seen "brau" as stand alone word it has >been misspelled by umlaut challenged English speakers. You are absolutely right. And these > "Brau Bevale" is an annual brewery (and beverage industry) show in Nürnberg; "Brau und Brunnen" is a German brewery group; "Brau Union" is an Austrian brewery group. are artifical coinigs, not real words. BTW: a "Bräu" in Franconia (and in other parts of Bavaria as well) is more than often both the location, e.g. "Schneiderbräu", and the owner, Mr. Schneider. In my youth, i lived some years in a village boasting an "Oberbräu" and an "Underbräu". Both have gone, alas ... Fritz Heberlein