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southern area
Posted by PJO on 2003-04-02 07:39:37
Just got back from a great week (sunburn in March in Franken? unheard of!) in the southern part of Franken (based in Gunzenhausen). Gunzenhausen Leuchtturm - very nicely decorated interior, copper boilers visible, good varied menu and food very well presented, beers tried were Helles (quite bitter), Märzen (my favourite), Weizen (dark colour, non-creamy) and banana-Weizen (light-coloured Weizen with banana cordial - unusual but nice flavour) all unfiltered. Oberasbach (near Gunzenhausen) Schorschbräu - very nice interior, village atmosphere, Franconian food, Helles and Bock both very good (Donnerbock at 13% alcohol!!!). Forstquell, Fürnheim - my favourite. Several small rooms on two levels, each decorated in a different style reflecting aspects of village life: a working museum. Boilers on display as is a deep water well in one dining room. Good varied menu, food well presented. All beers on tap, Helles, Dunkles, Weizen, Bock, unfiltered, all excellent. Also distills a Bierschnaps. Middle of nowhere but a real gem! 5km away is the more typical village inn-type Gasthaus Rötter in _Gerolfingen. Wurm beer, (Hirschbräu) Bieswang: beers direct from the brewery as no Gaststätte exist anywhere in the village. Helles, Dunkles, Export all OK, Weizen not tried (difficult without a glass!). Dinkelsbühl Weib's: new place, well decorated with copper boilers on display, varied menu, Helles and Weizen I preferred to Leuchtturm. Was there in the day but looks like a youngsters evening place. Town is well worth a visit as is the Gaststätte zum Wilden Mann where the Dinkelsbühler Hauff beer is to be had. Jochsberg, Reindler: very nice small village inn, good Brotzeit menu with their self-produced sausages and meats. Tried the Helles, Dunkles, Export, Bock and a special Festbier to celebrate 1000 years of nearby Leutershausen (my favourite of the lot). Unternbibert Reuter: typical village inn where everyone drops by - locals to play cards, walkers or cyclists passing by, family with kids who know where the colouring books and crayons are to be found. One beer - an easy to drink dark-coloured Vollbier. Small menu but big portions! Arnstein, Bender Bier: Bräustüberl at present empty - it was a pizzeria - but a couple of places in the village do the beer still. I can recommend Gasthaus Brückenbäck. Tried Pils and Hefeweizen (Hell): both very drinkable. Note, all the above (except Bieswang) were reached by public transport with only a short walk required. New Franken total: 330
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