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S-area correction
Posted by PJO on 2003-04-03 23:34:03
Just to avoid any confusion, Rötter in Gerolfingen is a brewery itself (a pleasant family-run Gasthaus/hotel). Wurm Bier (also called Hirschbräu as is written on the now closed Gaststätte) is from Bieswang near Solnhofen. I talked with Frau Wurm about the quoted date of 1135 as a start for brewing in Bieswang. Apparently local women had been employed to help out with preparations for one of the crusades and had been paid in beer. This is well documented in written records from that period. The old Gaststätte was at one time a moated castle-like residence with its own well (Schlossbräu is a name that regularly appears around Germany) although now the moat is completely filled. It is a pity that in a nice small village there is no true Gaststätte any more. A villager, driving past and seeing me photographing the brewery, stopped to ask if I realised the Gaststätte was shut. He described it as 'like living in the desert'.