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Posted by Dave Icke on 2003-06-10 11:50:50
Hello there! Firstly, great website, just what is needed!!! This is just an enquiry, as I'm planning another pilgrimage to the 'Holy Land' later in the year and for accurate information in the past I have used the Stefan Mack guide, die neue Frankische Brauereikarte ISBN 3-927868-00-0 (the Bible!). I was just wondering if anyone out there had any information as to whether this book has been re-issued recently or if a re-issue is in the pipeline? At the time, 1997, it was this book that opened my friends and my eyes to the number of breweries in Franconia, but as breweries close and Ruhetags vary I am wary as to its accuracy these days. Cheers in advance for any info. keep up the good work... Dave Willaston Nantwich Cheshire UK
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