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Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2003-06-17 14:35:39
At my last visit to the Bamberg area I also went to Stefan Mack's home (i.e. the place listed as Verlag Stefan Mack in his latest guides). It looked left, and very similar to the way it looked at my previous visit, some years ago. However, there was a bucket collecting mail (with a.o. a recent newspaper carrying his name + address, so a newspaper subscription is apparently still paid). There was also an empty barrel from the Faessla brewery (that I noticed already there in 1999) so we picked that up and brought it back to Bamberg. Also his pub in Grossenohe has apparently seen no visitors nor owners for a long time (a Franconian banner has been lying around for some time already) So: Stefan is apparently still around somewhere, but cannot be contacted (or is trying to avoid contacts?).