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In Bamberg March 20-22
Posted by Bill Miller on 2005-02-21 07:41:07
I'm traveling by myself to Germany for the first time March 16-27. I'm first going to Munich for a few days before heading up to Bamberg on March 20th. While in Bamberg I'm staying at Brauerei Spezial. From there I'm thinking of going to Wurzburg and Heidelberg before flying out of Stuttgart on the 27th. If anyone is going to be in the area around then and is up for getting together for a beer or three let me know. Any suggestions on places to go are welcome. --Bill
   In Bamberg March 20-22 by Mark Kissel on  2005-03-05 12:40:04
     In Bamberg March 20-22 by Bill Miller on  2005-03-10 09:44:14