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In Bamberg March 20-22
Posted by Mark Kissel on 2005-03-05 12:40:04
If you are staying at Spezial, Fassla is just across the street. I highly recommend Schlenkerla for a Rauchbier (dark, smoked beer) if you are into dark beers. Klosterbrau is also close to Schlenkerla. While in Munich, one of my favorite spots for food and drink is the Spatenhaus. Order their own brew, Spaten-Franziskaner bier. If you are into the Oompa-Oompa bavarian music and descent beer, the Hofbrau Haus is a must. A short train trip from Bamberg into Nuremberg is a good idea if you have the time. For beer and brats, the best place is the Bratwurst-Glocklein; Tucher bier is the local brew. Can't help you with Stuttgart; great wine country. For dinner, try the Alte Kanzlei in the section of the old castle. If you like wine, try the rose' Tuniberg. Have a great time!
     In Bamberg March 20-22 by Bill Miller on  2005-03-10 09:44:14