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Bamberg beer types: newbie questions
Posted by mike004 on 2005-06-14 08:02:29
I will be making my first visit to Bamberg in late August/early Sept. The more I read about the place, the more excited I am getting... I have extensive experience of sampling the beers of Munchen, via a few Oktoberfest visits, but I understand beers in Bamberg can be slightly different. As I am not a native German speaker, can someone run me through the various options I might see on the beer en fass menu..I've had a stab at translating some below Helles, Pils -- OK. I've drunk this beer type in Munich and I like it. Apparently the Bamberg brewers produce these types also. Dunkel -- dark beer Weissbier/weissen -- Wheat beer, often cloudy. I simply don't like this type of beer at all. Rauchbier -- Bamberg "smoky" beer. I'll definitely try this. Lagerbier -- in Bamberg is this unfiltered Helles/Pils? Maarzen -- is this strong helles-type beer brewed in March? Like Oktoberfest special beer? Vollbier -- what is this? Duppelbock -- strong dark beer. (Similar to Dunkel?) Any other beer types I might meet in Bamberg? What will the waiter bring if I ask for "ein bier"? Thanks Mike
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