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Bamberg beer types: newbie questions
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-06-14 11:38:27
To answer your last question first, you'll either get the specialty of the house (i.e. their main beer) or a question of which type you'd like. Lagerbier and Vollbier are pretty much generic terms and can be any style of beer. At Spezial order a lagerbier you'd get a darkish rauchbier. Across the street at Fässla you'll get a pale beer. In Franconia "Hell" and "Dunkel" (or "Helles"/"Dunkles") are really just color indicators, not styles as such. You will see "Pils" on the menu a lot, but the Franconian version is not really a pils -- or at least not one a Czech would recognize :) Märzen is technically a stronger, amberish lager but again, Franconians use the term however you like. The rauchbier at Schlenkerla is labeled a "Märzen" (though I've never heard anybody there refer to it as such) Off the top of my head, I can't think of any other brewery in the area that has one on draft, though some have a bottled Märzen. Other terms you might see: Kellerbier (usually a hoppy, unfiltered pale lager), Landbier (can be a generic term, but usually an amber or dark amber lager), Ungespundet (literally "unbunged" and lower carbonation, usually unfiltered and usually pale beer.) Notice I'm using lots of "weasel words" -- that is becuse the usual rules don't apply in Franconia. Just order one of each beer and you'll be happy!
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