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Bamberg at the end of November
Posted by Scott Rankin on 2005-07-23 06:15:54
Bocks will be up and running by the time you get here, lucky for you. Christmas markets usually start the weekend after our Thanksgiving. Rothenburg and Nuernburg have good markets. Both are good day trips that you can do by train. As the time gets closer let me know and I will be more than happy to partake in some bocks with you.
     Bamberg at the end of November by MikeK on  2005-07-25 08:57:35
       Bamberg at the end of November by scott rankin on  2005-07-26 02:10:07
         Bamberg at the end of November by MikeK on  2005-07-26 12:16:50
           Bamberg at the end of November by jezrauchbier on  2005-08-10 15:10:45