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Bamberg at the end of November
Posted by MikeK on 2005-07-26 12:16:50
I am still in the planning stages and something might intervene. However, assuming I get there, I would like to do a day trip to a village or two, perhaps by bus, preferably someplace quaint enough to justify getting there and spending an hour or so wandering around before settling into a pub. I am thinking about M├Ânchsambach (because of the positive beer comments) especially if there is another town on the same bus line but closer to Bamberg. I am certainly open to suggestions. I'm also thinking about Bayreuth, for someplace larger and more touristic. I have been to W├╝rzburg and will be arriving through Munich. I thought about Regensburg but I think it is too far away. I will have to look at a map and a good German travel guide (possibly the Blue Guide) because the ones I currently have do not list many small towns. I speak a little German, enough to navigate and have simple conversations. At this point, I will probably be traveling without my girlfriend and consequently willing to stay in inexpensive accommodations, possibly one of the pubs. Thanks Mike
           Bamberg at the end of November by jezrauchbier on  2005-08-10 15:10:45