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Landbierparadies pub chain in N'burg
Posted by mike004 on 2005-07-25 06:00:44
Anybody tried the Landbierparadies pub chain in Nuremberg? They seem to have guest Franconian beers on draught. Mike
   Landbierparadies pub chain in N'burg by MikeK on  2005-07-25 08:51:35
   Landbierparadies pub chain in N'burg by Mark Jamison on  2005-07-25 23:15:04
     Landbierparadies pub chain in N'burg by mike004 on  2005-07-26 00:56:01
   Landbierparadies pub chain in N'burg by mike004 on  2005-09-12 05:04:38