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Landbierparadies pub chain in N'burg
Posted by MikeK on 2005-07-25 08:51:35
I visited in December 2003. The bar on Rothenburger is probably a 30 minute walk from the train station. It is also three U-bahn stops, I think, from the train station and then a 5-10 minute walk from the Rothenburger stop walking away from the Altstadt. It is next to a cemetery. It was pretty crowded on a Thursday evening. They feature one wooden keg from a different Franconian brewery each night. They also had about 15-20 beers from Franconian breweries. The bottled beers are in different styles and the menu provides a brief description. I do not know if they regularly offer seasonal beers, but they were not offering any in early December. The draft beer and most of the bottles cost €2.10 for a half liter draft or bottle, in 2003. There is also a food menu. I did not ask if anyone spoke English since my German is good enough to order beers, albeit not good enough to completely figure out the menu descriptions. The shop is also worth visiting for inexpensive bottled beers, less than €1 each usually. They did carry a good number of seasonals. Mike