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7 day mobicard advice
Posted by Barry on 2011-02-21 06:45:03
No, I don't think that this is correct. As far as I understand (and I'm only in the preliminary stages of my PHD in Bamberg transport systems), the 7-day Mobicard is a ticket for any destination within a specified number of zones for 7 consective days. If you buy at the Zob office, they ask you for a start and end date and also write on the ticket the number of the zones that you want. As we were staying out at Hallstadt, we were told we needed tariff '2+T'. I have absolutely no idea what this means and looking at the zone map does not make it any clearer. Bamberg is in zone 1101 and you have to cross zone 1102 to get to zone 1111, where Hallstadt is located. We were also able to use it to go to Memmelsdorf (zone 1112) and Stegaurach (zone 1104). That makes five zones! According to the explanation on the map: • Zählen Sie alle Zonen durch die Sie fahren (auch befahrene Teilzonen zählen als ganze Zonen). • Das wiederholte Befahren einer Zone zählt nochmals mit (Ausnahme: Zone 200 zählt generell nur einmal). • Gelöst werden muss: mindestens für 2, höchstens für 10 Zonen und eine Teilzone, (10+T = verbundweite Nutzung). • Die „+T“-Regel: Sie gilt, wenn Sie zu Beginn oder Ende einer Fahrt keine ganze Zone, sondern nur eine Teilzone befahren. Diese Teilzonen fügen Sie als „+T“ zur übrigen Zonenzahl. Befahren Sie zu Beginn und Ende jeweils eine Teilzone, so können Sie diese „+T“-Regel nur einmal in Anspruch nehmen. Die andere Teilzone zählt als volle Zone. Which Google translates as: • Count all the zones through which you go (also traveled Part zones include areas as a whole). • The repeated use of one zone with one another (Exception: one general zone 200 only once). • to be solved: at least 2, at most for 10 zones and a partial area (10 + T = network-wide use). • The "T +" rule: It does if you start or end a journey not a whole zone, but only a partial zone traveled. This sub-zones add a "+ T" to the rest Number of zones. Take to the beginning and end of one Part zone so you can "T +" rule only once in Entitled to take. The other part zone counts as a full zone. Still not clear - perhaps someone could give a better translation please.
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