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7 day mobicard advice
Posted by Barry on 2011-02-21 11:41:51
Gavin - it's obvious that you're not German! I think that's probably right, Nick - it's easier to see on the map on PC because you can magnify it, which allows you to see the zones more clearly. Some places seem to sit on borders between zones, so I wonder how they are rated? Also, the individual routes cross zones, so, I don't know how an inspector could possibly know how many zones have been crossed on one trip. I'm not sure which zone Melkendorf is in, as it's not shown on the map. As I said, I never found one driver who was remotely interested in looking at the card. Some even waved us away in annoyance! At ZOB, you can get on the bus through any door - on the bendy buses, that gives you 3 options and most time the driver is away having a smoke or something. I'm sure that there must be some sort of inspectorate but we never saw anyone.
                 7 day mobicard advice by gavin on  2011-02-21 11:57:14
                 7 day mobicard advice by TreinJan on  2011-02-21 12:06:01
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