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Goldene Lowene
Posted by Barry on 2011-03-21 02:35:13
Very interesting article and a bit depressing. We've just had the long debate on BBB on 'Disney' beers and when innovation becomes a gimmick. Personally, I'm pretty wary of new offerings (it must be my age!). I like to experience long-established traditions and I'm happy to travel to get that experience. I'm interested in beers that have survived because they suit the local population sufficiently to enable them to survive and not because an international gathering has deemed them interesting. It seems to me that small old breweries will survive if they retain true to their traditions but maintain high standards - a couple of the recent Franken closures have been of breweries that have been long criticised for poor quality. When I took over my pub in Bath in 1985, it was pretty grotty but very characterful and quite historic. My district manager said 'I can tranform this place for £2000!' - I told him to leave well alone and, within 3 months, had quadrupled the takings by introducing decent beer and a friendly atmosphere. I haven't been back there for 10 years but, in 2000, it was still the same and doing good business. Would crowds still flock to Schlenkerla, Mahrs, or Spezial if they completely changed either the pub or the beers? I think the answer is obvious.
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