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Aufsess area recommendations
Posted by DonS on 2011-03-18 05:42:20
I can't think of any on of these where I wouldn't stop in again. Kathi-Bräu, in Heckenhof, is very much a country brewery/pub, and the building is worn with age. Its beer garden is generous, making it a good stop on a pleasant day, and its soft brown lager adds to the charm. The parking lot is gigantic, as the place attracts motorcyclists, as well as hikers and others out for a typical "Wochenendeausflug" (weekend excursion). Rothenbach in Aufsess is a little more up-market, and offers good overnight accomodation; the beer range is more commercial in style, but generally of good, straightforward quality. As long as you're in the area, don't forget Stadter in Sachsendorf, too. The four breweries in the Aufsess community are featured on - complete with a recommended walking route. The longest walk is about an hour. Start and end in Aufsess and you have the makings of a pretty nice weekend day out.
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