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Aufsess area recommendations
Posted by DonS on 2011-03-22 07:46:27
Having stayed both in and outside of Bamberg, my experience is that there is no significant drop in quality from staying outside of town, and the value for money is, as noted, often quite good. This also applies to vacation apartments. The place I've rented in Bischberg, a 100m / 1100 square foot two-bedroom apartment, is an excellent home away from home, at the princely rate of 38 euro/night. I'll be staying at a place in Hallstadt for 40 euro/night later this year, chosen for its proximity to the train station (and a short walk from the Goldene Lowene!). A comparable place in Bamberg proper can easily go for 50% more than that, or even double.
                         Aufsess area recommendations by Barry on  2011-03-22 09:36:44
                           Aufsess area recommendations by DonS on  2011-03-22 10:31:41