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Barnikel,worth the trip? opinions please
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-05-15 00:59:07
Whether a *cheap* day ticket can cover it all is questionable, AFAICT. With the 15,60 € ticket for the whole VGN territory, yes, two of you can travel anywhere you want. The TagesticketPlus fares are based on how many zones you go through. From Bamberg - Hirschaid by train you go through zones 1101 481 482 472, from Röbersdorf to Herrnsdorf 471 1103, and from Herrnsdorf to Bamberg 471 472 1101 1102 1103 1104 If you want to try and get a cheap day ticket for all that, you'd probably have to spend some time explaining where all you want to go at the Bamberg Bahnhof counter. I think the cheapest way to go would be single tickets for 2,90€, 1,60 € and 3,80 € respectively for 8,30 €, which is cheaper than a TagesticketPlus would be for just the Herrnsdorf-Bamberg leg. This is if you're alone. If there are two of you, then double those prices...or get the 15,60 € TagesticketPlus. Also note that bus schedules are at least partially school-day dependent. When will you be here?
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