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Right again!
Posted by Danny on 2011-05-16 11:38:27
No, as I´ve soon written, with a Ticket to Frensdorf you can´t go via Hirschaid to Herrnsdorf. The ticket you need isn´t available at the DB-ticket-machine! Buy it at one of these ticket machines of the Bamberg City Bus (Tarifstufe 4, 9,80, valid für 2 persons) When it´s not available at these ticket machines (but I think it must be available), you have to buy single trip tickets or the day ticket for the whole VGN area für 15,60 Euro. This ticket you get on DB ticket machines. Perhaps you have to take any destination (Nürnberg e.g.) to get the ticket from the DB ticket machine. It´s valid in whole VGN.