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Posted by Nick B. on 2011-07-18 13:55:34
All otc medications appear to be more expensive here. But this is partly because of the monopoly of the Apothken; you can't buy most "medicine" anywhere else. These guilds go back a ways. Haven't heard that about Aspirin before. We're lucky enough to not need much in the way of pharmacy products, but yes, my otc hay fever pills cost more here, for example. Then again, if I were to go to the doctor, he'd write me a prescription and then insurance would cover it all. (Luckily my Heuschnupfen is much milder here than it was in either Minnesconsin or the Willamette valley.) Ibuprofin, for one, seems to be sold in a "week's worth" qty; I'm impressed that UJ found a 98 bottle. (!) These people seem to have a different attitude toward medication than Yanks do. Yes, there are differences between health care in the US and Europe. Gott sei dank!
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