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Das Wetter
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-07-23 03:29:48
Erm...if we change our plans from Yorkshire to Pembrokeshire, then we'd be flying into Bristol and out of Cardiff instead of Manc, so not connected with Yorkshire at all. It's a bit of a haul from BRS to SW Wales though. Yeah, the beer down there...if it's as nice as it was in NW Wales last summer, then I'll be delighted. If it's better than it was in Dorset last month, then I'll be delighted. Probably a bit warmer than in N. Yorkshire too. The weather...probably the beer too. If you're interested in meeting the chap I mentioned, who sometimes posts here FWIW, you can do so through his blog at Fred and Don can vouch for him as well. ObFranconianBeer: The newest batch of Hausbräu here at home is a diversion from the usual ultra-low-gravity trans-Atlantic golden ale (of which I've brewed 51 x 25 L batches since late September FWIW): a half-batch of real, honest-to-Ninkasi IPA at around 1.057 OG and 130 theoretical IBUs, brewed on herself's birthday with Weyermann PA malt and Yankohops as usual. Primary ferment is already complete at less than 48 hours from pitching. It will be lovely. Strong for us, but we'll manage.