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Annafest Thread
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-07-23 03:44:50
To coordinate meet-ups, impressions and what-not. Sounds to me like Mark A and Uncle Jimbo are headed there today, though I don't know what time. I'm probably not, as I prefer to go "under the week(days)" in the afternoon; Saturday is just too crowded für mich. The weather forecast for Forchheim (FO) suggests that Tue, Thu & Fri might be the nicest days this week. Hey, I just happen to have each of those afternoons free! The crowd of 30 Nebraskans plan to go on Sat the 30th in the afternoon until midnight, by tour bus/coach from Bamberg. I will probably have to break my tradition of avoiding it on Saturdays in order to witness the spectacle of 30 Cornhuskers necking liters of divers Festbiers. They're a fun crowd. They're also doing a Bierkeller tour by coach on the 31st: Schmausenkeller, Roppelt's and Witzgall.
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