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Annafest Thread: shock & horror!
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-07-27 01:01:20
The story is that the former Pachter (operator) of the Weiss-Tauben Keller also runs the two Löwenbräu Keller(s) down the hill. He decided to give up the WT just out of having too much work in running all three. The WT's owner is still looking for someone to take it on long term, and Rittmayer is just operating it in the interim. Who's going to step up? Didn't get the story on the Hoffmann's Keller. While the Krug (Breitenlesau) Annafestbier was too sweet for me to get any more than a Seidla down, it was nice to have it there just because. Mönschofer is so boring in comparison.