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Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2011-07-30 19:39:33
I can even add that when I told some Franconians that I was staying in a Ferienwohnung, and even spelled it for them, they had not idea what it was. However, others I have met have understood precisely what I meant.
                   Ferienwohnungen by barry on  2011-07-31 03:00:55
                     Ferienwohnungen by Uncle Jimbo on  2011-07-31 03:27:06
                     Ferienwohnungen by Nick B. on  2011-08-01 00:06:40
                       Ferienwohnungen by barry on  2011-08-01 02:30:17
                         Ferienwohnungen by Uncle Jimbo on  2011-08-01 02:35:37
                           Ferienwohnungen by Nick B. on  2011-08-01 02:46:34
                             Ferienwohnungen by barry on  2011-08-01 04:28:00
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