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Bahnhof Rear Exit
Posted by mike004 on 2011-07-28 04:07:07
This looks to be the work in progress (pic from Apr 2011):
                     Bahnhof Rear Exit by Uncle Jimbo on  2011-07-28 15:30:10
                     Bahnhof Rear Exit by barry on  2011-07-29 01:40:49
                       Bahnhof Rear Exit by DonS on  2011-07-29 07:34:41
                         Bahnhof Rear Exit by barry on  2011-07-29 09:35:20
                           Bahnhof Rear Exit by DonS on  2011-07-29 12:47:24
                             Bahnhof Rear Exit by barry on  2011-07-30 12:29:03