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Bahnhof Rear Exit
Posted by DonS on 2011-07-29 07:34:41
So it looks like it will be an underground passageway, with entry/exit on the east side of the tracks (Brennerstraße). An overdue convenience perhaps, saving a few minutes' walking time around the Atrium shopping/parking building. Now they just need to post train schedules in the loos at Cafe Abseits and all will be good! Yep, Barry, just weeks away. Which reminds me that Spezial didn't answer my e-mail request for booking a table, so I should either phone them or see if Fäßla will take care of it via e-mail instead. Phone call isn't a problem, but nine-hour time zone difference is mildly annoying.
                         Bahnhof Rear Exit by barry on  2011-07-29 09:35:20
                           Bahnhof Rear Exit by DonS on  2011-07-29 12:47:24
                             Bahnhof Rear Exit by barry on  2011-07-30 12:29:03